Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Red Grooms Art lesson

We are studying Red Grooms in MNPS this year.  Here are some projects we are working on!
Artist Red Grooms poses with a fox, one of the figures from the Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel he has created for Nashville, Tenn., his native town. The full-sized operating carousel, Grooms' latest "sculpto-pictorama" work, will be installed in a city park.

Red Grooms created a carousel in Nashville that transformed horses into famous people from Tennessee.  In 4th grade we decided to create horses like our school.  We could do ourselves, our teachers, or Shayne Stars as a whole.  Here is a library horse rough draft!
 Here is a Miss Callis horse!  I just LOVE the Reese's sadle and the paintbrush foot! 
 When the horses are done I will back them and add stuffing and WAHLA a 3-D carousel horse!  In the hallway they will be displayed as a carousel with streamers and such!  More photos to come!

 Red Grooms created Dali Salad so naturally we wanted in!  In 2nd Grade we used contruction paper and I took pictures and developed pictures and made their face like Dali's.  They had a choice to add the mustache or not.  It was nice to be able to talk about two artists in one lesson!
Red Grooms
 In 1st grade we recreated the ICONIC Taxis that Red Grooms makes.  More pictures to come!

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