Sunday, February 10, 2013

Della Wells

Our 4th Grade students went to a play at the Childrens Theatre about Della Wells, a collage artist.  Naturally, Julie and I had to get in on this.  Here are some snapshots of the gallery we were able to see. We plan to make silhouette collages for the fourth grade.  I will keep you updated.

IKEA, after Disneyworld...the most magical place on earth!

 I went to Atlanta to get some classroom fun... I came home with classroom stuff and about a million other things for myself.
 Here you see some decor and easels I purchased from here.  Totally ADORABLE.  I also bought an awesome tall chair for so cheap!  Loves it!

She is the best and quite an awesome Middle School TEACHER my friend, EMILY and the fabric we purchased...could not resist!

AND HELLO of course I loved these primary color paintings...I die.

AWESOME BULLETIN BOARDS by my favorite co-worker

LET ME JUST SAY...I have the most talented bulletin board maker this side of mason dixon line...nay, the WORLD!  Ladies and Gentlemen, the works of Julie Staehling:

 Where would you take Mona Lisa if she could take a day off being in the painting?!  Kindergarten Masterpieces follow.

1st Grade Eric Carle Tissue Paper Ladybugs 

3rd Grade Andy Warhol Soup Personality Cans!

2nd Grade Eric Carle Paper Paintings

 4th Grade Gustav Klimt Trees

 Welcome to the 4th Grade Matisse Hamburgers and 1st Grade Matisse Pizza Diner!

 Kindergarten Snowflake Snowmen!

Mondrian Animals

October Fun

 So let us begin with a little Pop Art lesson!  We started with a simple drawing and traced it with glue, let it dry and created a stencil of a sort.  Then we used warm and cool colors to rub over our homemade stencil!  The students loved seeing that their artwork could be copied just like Andy Warhol's "Factory."
 As you can see our Red Grooms Horses finally were finished!  And a hallway carousel was made!

 I loved the fall.  Anne of Green Gables once said, "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."  I could not agree more, Anne.  Here I am with my kindred spirits at the Gentry Farm where my friend on the left was born and raised!  

Here is my 2nd Grade friend.  We made Picasso Frankensteins for Halloween.  
They turned out pretty cute!
And maybe my favorite holiday is Halloween.  Here was my costume this year.  The lady from the Target commercials.  Love her.
 Fun Run DAY!  We had so many cool guests come to visit!  We had Zumba, skateboarders,  and so much more!!!  Getting those kiddos MOVING!