Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cool Art at Home Website!

This website turns your childs art into a real toy! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens: Red Grooms and Treehouses

We took the 3rd Grade students at Shayne to Cheekwood for a field trip! 
 Each Tree House was based on a book.  This the Conch Treehouse 
based on a part of The Lord of the Flies.
 Here is what Mrs. Staehling made
 for our art students to recap what 
they learned at Cheekwood.
The awesome 3rd Grade teacher and friend of mine, Mrs. Britt!

4th Grade Line and Pattern Hands

My partner in crime, Julie Staehling found this awesome idea!  She is the other art teacher at Shayne with me.  She was my mentor teacher when I student taught and is one of my mentors in life!

Art Classroom

I was so sad to leave my students in Hendersonville
 but so excited to embark on this new opportunity in Nashville!!
Here you see my portable.  Welcome!