Thursday, November 14, 2013

Picasso Cubist Blue Period Guitars: 2nd Grade

I saw this project on Pinterest, I think!  It was very cute but quite messy!  After the students were prepped on Picasso they were given stencils, all kinds of blue paper, newspaper, scissors, and glue and went to TOWN!  My room looked like Smurfville after but it was worth it.

Fall Mosaics: 1st Grade

1st Grade Fall Tree Mosaics!

Honey, Honey, Lion! 1st Grade Construction Paper Crayon Masterpieces!

We read Honey, Honey, Lion to the students and showed them how to draw a lion secretively!  They did not even notice what we were drawing until we got to the mane.  Such cuties!

Holy Mola! 3rd Grade Mola Hallway Display!

We used all kinds of construction paper and stencils for these beauties!  We have some really talented artists at Shayne!

Library Bulletin Board

Library Bulletin Board by Mrs. Staehling!

I am an artist: Kindergarten!

We saw this lesson on Artsonia, I believe.  It is adorable.  The kindies make popsicle stick easels and real canvas to create this work of art!  We created the velcro board so the students can put it on and take it off in the correct spot while walking down the hallway.  

Library Bulletin Board!

Julie Staehling, the bulletin board guru at it again! 

Literacy Focus Bulletin Board

My Co-Worker Julie made these Literacy Focus Stars.  The arrow points to the focus each week! Really cool.

Fun RUN!

PTA puts on quite the rockin' FUN RUN!  Here you see our own Julie Staehling and Jennifer Vaughn being brave teachers!  There were stations for the students including skateboarding,  Zumba, gymnastics, running, and many more!