Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love me some Pinterest Elementary Art Help! Also Incorportating Social Studies into art.

I saw on Pinterest how to incorporate a leaving ticket into art!  It is a "What Stuck With You Today" board. They used Post-it notes, but NEWSFLASH those are PRICEY!  So I am using recycled paper and clothespins.
We are creating State Stamps.  This is a way to incorporate Social Studies in art.  They study a state then create a HUGE stamp based on the State they chose,hence the "I learned about Mississippi's flag."
Here is one of the State Stamps we created!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shaving Cream Art!

Before fall break my tables were NASTY!  Easy fun fix... SHAVING CREAM ART!
We practiced our cursive and then we were able to free draw with our fingers and shaving cream!

Red Grooms Art lesson

We are studying Red Grooms in MNPS this year.  Here are some projects we are working on!
Artist Red Grooms poses with a fox, one of the figures from the Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel he has created for Nashville, Tenn., his native town. The full-sized operating carousel, Grooms' latest "sculpto-pictorama" work, will be installed in a city park.

Red Grooms created a carousel in Nashville that transformed horses into famous people from Tennessee.  In 4th grade we decided to create horses like our school.  We could do ourselves, our teachers, or Shayne Stars as a whole.  Here is a library horse rough draft!
 Here is a Miss Callis horse!  I just LOVE the Reese's sadle and the paintbrush foot! 
 When the horses are done I will back them and add stuffing and WAHLA a 3-D carousel horse!  In the hallway they will be displayed as a carousel with streamers and such!  More photos to come!

 Red Grooms created Dali Salad so naturally we wanted in!  In 2nd Grade we used contruction paper and I took pictures and developed pictures and made their face like Dali's.  They had a choice to add the mustache or not.  It was nice to be able to talk about two artists in one lesson!
Red Grooms
 In 1st grade we recreated the ICONIC Taxis that Red Grooms makes.  More pictures to come!

3rd Grade Hand Lines

We traced our hands and filled them with all kinds of lines.  We also filled our hands with things about ourselves.  After we traced with a sharpie we used tempera cakes to create a wash around our hands.

4th Grade Line and Pattern Hands

My partner in crime, Julie Staehling found this awesome idea!  She is the other art teacher at Shayne with me.  She was my mentor teacher when I student taught and is one of my mentors in life!

Treehouse Hall Display

Mrs. Staehling created this AWESOME hall display for our fieldtrip!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Cheekwood Feildtrip!

We took the 3rd Grade students at Shayne to Cheekwood for a field trip! 
 Each Tree House was based on a book.  This the Conch Treehouse 
based on a part of The Lord of the Flies.
 Here is what Mrs. Staehling made
 for our art students to recap what 
they learned at Cheekwood.
The awesome 3rd Grade teacher and friend of mine, Mrs. Britt!

4th Grade Hands!

My partner in crime, Julie Staehling found this awesome idea!  She is the other art teacher at Shayne with me.  She was my mentor teacher when I student taught and is one of my mentors in life!

New Year New SCHOOL!

I was so sad to leave my students in Hendersonville
 but so excited to embark on this new opportunity in Nashville!!
Here you see my portable.  Welcome!

Summer Art Projects!

Painting with ice cubes!  Freeze liquid watercolors and WAH-LA!  Ice Crayons!

Careers in ART!

We had Career Day in Art!  Each grade had a career they learned about I had two friends who work in the art field for their careers that came and spoke to the children.  Mary Morgan Gentry is an Interior Decorator at LuLu's in Franklin.  David Nowers is a carpenter in Nashville.  I also showed the students a PowerPoint of my other friends who work in the art field.  5th grade learned about pottery.  4th Grade learned about Graphic Design and created their own magazine cover.  In the PowerPoint they met my friend Will who designs billboards.  The Third Grade students met my friends Corey and Madelynne the Architects.  I showed them their offices and what they did.  The 3rd Graders created buildings like architects except we used marshmallows and toothpicks!  2nd created their dream room with Mary Morgan, while 1st grade made picture frames with David the carpenter.  It was a great day!

Chihuly Unit!

First Grade Ikebana
2nd Grade Coffea Filtera Chihuly Machhia!

3rd Grade Chihuly Cellophane Wall Hangings!

The 4th Grade students used starch to attach tissue paper to balloons.  We splattered paint on them and created this beautiful Chihuly Chandelier!
Chihuly makes "Drawings" to show his team what he wants them to create.  Our 5th Grade students have done the same with poster board, paint, bubble wrap, and various brush tools!

No Air You Say!?

You say there is no air conditioning?  I say lets go on a nature scavenger hunt!  Relating the elements of art to nature!

I MUSTACHE Dali A Question!

We created Dali portraits and mustaches for ourselves!  Finally the boys can make mustaches and its okay.  FINALLY!

2nd Grade Glow in the Dark Fireflies!

Firefly Lesson for Second Grade!
We learned all about Fireflies then used Glow in the dark paint to create our OWN!
I used this AWESOME blog for this lesson and many of the other lessons I do!