Sunday, February 10, 2013

AWESOME BULLETIN BOARDS by my favorite co-worker

LET ME JUST SAY...I have the most talented bulletin board maker this side of mason dixon line...nay, the WORLD!  Ladies and Gentlemen, the works of Julie Staehling:

 Where would you take Mona Lisa if she could take a day off being in the painting?!  Kindergarten Masterpieces follow.

1st Grade Eric Carle Tissue Paper Ladybugs 

3rd Grade Andy Warhol Soup Personality Cans!

2nd Grade Eric Carle Paper Paintings

 4th Grade Gustav Klimt Trees

 Welcome to the 4th Grade Matisse Hamburgers and 1st Grade Matisse Pizza Diner!

 Kindergarten Snowflake Snowmen!

Mondrian Animals

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